Why is it Harder to Lose Weight at 40? – My Game Plan

Gone are the good ol’ days when my metabolism was in fire. It seemed that I could eat anything I wanted and not gain weight.

Then it happened. I hit my late 20’s and then well into my 30’s—the weight crept on and wouldn’t go away. It was becoming more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

The big reason for my weight gain had a lot to do with my job (sitting in a cubicle all day) and comfortability.

I felt fine eating unhealthy food on a regular basis. However, it all caught up to me and before I knew it, I had a belly (thus the name of my blog.)

Why it is Harder to Lose Weight at Age 40 and Beyond

One of the main reasons that I’ve read as to why it is difficult to lose weight after 40 has to do with metabolism.

The metabolism slows down in our 40’s. For women, hormone changes and menopause make it more difficult to lose weight.

I won’t even lie and say it isn’t a struggle to lose weight because it is! The hardest part for me is changing my eating habits.

How I Deal with Eating My Favorite Foods


I love food and consider myself to be a foodie. The one saving grace for me is that I don’t mind creating healthy alternatives.

My weaknesses include cheeseburgers, pizza, and chocolate chip cookies. Thanks to Pinterest, we are able to create healthy alternatives to my favorite comfort foods.

For example, to tame my cheeseburger cravings, we eat Beyond Burgers or Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers.

For pizza, we find recipes on Pinterest that do not include using the traditional dough. For me, seeking out these healthier alternatives is fun.

I like being able to figure out how to make my favorites taste equivalent to the real things and still stay satisfying.

Our Current Food Gameplan

We are not on any strict diet. We do model our meals after the Dash Diet and for the most part, we are staying low-carb.

One thing that we have done to make things easier is prepping our meals. Is this a difficult thing‐for us? YES.

I’m just keeping it real. You have to imagine years of not paying a whole lot of attention to our diet. We ate pretty how we wanted to.

Our meals consisted of a lot of sauce, cheese, and crunch. That meant plenty of bad carbs which added to our weight gain.

Here is what we’re doing to get our eating habits on point:

1. Making the Decision to Eat Right

Seems kind of obvious right? You have to make the decision to change your eating habits. However, this step is key. Before you make any significant change in your life, you have to have the right mindset.

Our mindset is to prep our meals beforehand so that we know what we are going to eat. No guessing and less temptation to choose unhealthy food.

2. Finding Meals

Pinterest is a great resource for this. You can search for whatever type of meals you want. In our case, Dash Diet friendly meals and low-carb options.

We decide what our meals will be for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all week. This keeps it simple. Repeating meals isn’t an issue for us.

3. Grocery Shopping for All Meals and Meal Prep

With our list of meals, we then go to the supermarket and buy everything that we need so we can prep our meals for the week.

It is all quite a bit of work up front but you have to be disciplined with it. Prepping our meals makes it super easy to eat for the entire week.

4. Prepare for Your Cravings!

As I mentioned earlier, my weaknesses are cheeseburger, pizzas, and chocolate chip cookies. Basically, I like the typical American fast food. I also like dessert after dinner.

We make sure to buy healthy substitutes so that we can enjoy our favorites. Dessert is a huge weakness for me.

We search on Pinterest for healthy versions of chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. As long as I can satisfy my cravings, I don’t feel like eating healthy is a struggle.

What About Protein Shakes, Etc.?

So far we are not supplementing our diet with any type of protein shakes. We have in the past and liked using Jay Robb’s whey protein powder.

Another one of my favorite nutritional supplements is Shakeology. It is a meal replacement shake that I used in the past to shed 15 pounds.

It is a Beachbody product (creators of P90X™) and it remains one of my all-time favorite nutritional supplements.

I like to use it as a dessert replacement and it works extremely well. It doesn’t have a weird aftertaste and it tastes awesome when mixed with other food like bananas, almond butter, and more.

Wrapping Up

We are excited about our weight loss gameplan. It is a journey and we are hoping to make this a lifestyle change and not so much a “diet”.

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