Hello! My name is Eartha and I have been blogging for years. My very first blog was a health & fitness blog that I used to help me stay on track with my weight loss goals.

I have had weight issues throughout my adult life. BellyFatCure.com is my second installment of creating a health & fitness blog but this time from a different viewpoint.

I’m older now and losing weight has become more challenging. However, I have found much success using a meal replacement shake called Shakeology®. It is not only a meal replacement but a nutritional supplement.

It can be used as a meal replacement, daily multi-vitamin, nutritional supplement, dessert replacement, and more.

My goal with this blog is to help others that may be struggling with maintaining a healthy weight to reach their goals in a safe way.

Please note: I am not a health care professional in any way. I simply have an interest in living a healthy and positive life. Please seek the guidance of your health care provider before making any changes to your diet or exercise regimen.