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RevAbs Review 


RevAbs™ is a 90 day system to burn fat and sculpt your six-pack abs. Brett Hoebel is the fitness trainer and creator of the program. He is a trainer based out of NY with 15+ years of experience. You will be training your abs from six different angles as well as incorporating your abdominal muscles throughout the entire program.

The program includes various exercise moves including the acrobatic martial art known as Capoeira. This makes the program fun to do while being effective.

"With Brett Hoebel's proven Abcentrics™ training technique, you'll learn to work your abs from six different angles..." - Direct quote from web site

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RevAbs Ab Solution

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Feedback and Overview

"RevAbs is a workout that targets everything, plus includes an incredible cardio circuit..." ~ Portion of actual user review from HubPages.com

"It's the most comprehensive and effective ab workout program ever put on DVD." ~ Portion of actual user review from Squidoo.com

"Even ab machines can't give you what Rev Abs can..." ~ Portion of actual user review from EzineArticles.com

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Our user based research suggests:

According to our general online user research (based on user comments and articles), RevAbs is a comprehensive abdominal workout that produces effective results.

Product Details

Product Specifications: - 9 workouts on 7 DVD's. RevGuide, Nutrition Guide, and Wall Calendar.

Price: - $79.90

Return Policy: - 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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Compensation Disclosure: This web site works in affiliation with online merchants. Commissions are received from sales of some or all products mentioned.

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