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When considering how to go about losing weight, you will be bombarded with so many different diet and fitness plans, it will easily feel like information overload. How are you supposed to make the right choice? Often times, it comes down to what has worked for someone else. Particularly if you know somone personally who has had weight loss success.

For example, my cousin lost weight using Weight Watchers, which in turn got me interested enough to check out the program. However, my problem isn't so much with dieting. I'm more interested in a very long term plan that includes exercise and eating that won't require counting calories, points, or working out for an hour at a time.

Maybe you find yourself in the same situation. You don't want some gimmick that provides temporary weight loss. You probably just want something simple and easy to stick to. If that's the case, I can share what works for me on how to lose weight.

The Fitness Plan

I'm impatient and I don't like boring exercise. If exercise is boring, I am less likely to be consistent with it. The type of workouts I do last no more than 30 minutes. How is that possible? I use interval training. Basically intervals are body weight exercises that are done back-to-back at medium to high intensity with very short rest periods in between.

Intervals allow you to get in an intense workout in less time. Studies have shown that interval workouts burn more fat and calories than steady-state cardio routines (for example running or cardio machines like ellipticals.) You can also workout anywhere and are not limited to the gym. You can incorporate free weights like dumbbells or use just your body weight. Who wouldn't want to work out less and still achieve great results?

The Eating Plan

I've made eating simple as well. There are so many diets out there and most of them don't work because they are too difficult to follow. Here's a simple diet plan: Eat Real Food. If your food is in a box or other package, chances are it is processed and full of junk you don't need. Cook your meals more often and when dining out, avoid processed crap. Simple. What is real food? Lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. Basically, if your food contains ingredients you cannot pronounce or have no idea what they are, skip it.

Put it All Together

Craig Ballantyne, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist has put together a non-gimmicky program that combines interval training and simple eating in one place. I refer to him as the "king of interval workouts". Check him out at his web site, Turbulence Training.

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