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Fit Over 40 

Fit Over 40 Product Overview

Fit Over 40 is a fitness guide published by Jon Benson a Transformational Life Coach and Health & Fitness Counselor. It teaches users a step by step system for living a fit and healthy life. It caters to people 40 years of age and older but can work for any age.

"Now You Can Take My Role Modeling Shortcut And Slash 15-20 Years Off Your Looks Without Surgery, Boost Your Metabolism, Gain Muscle And Lose All The Weight You Want As Fast As It Can Come Off, And Restore Your Confidence — All Guaranteed!" - Direct quote from web site

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Feedback and Overview

"Whether you are over 40 or even in your 20's and need motivation and role models to get you to take action then I would consider looking at Fit Over 40." ~ Portion of actual user review from EzineArticles.com

"Fit Over 40 is a great book which will get you to take action and keep you motivated no matter what your age, and for this alone it provides tremendous value..." ~ Portion of actual user review from Blogspot.com

"I believe that if you're looking for motivation and the right way to achieve an impressive fitness over 40, then Fit Over 40 is a valuable ebook to have." ~ Portion of actual user review from Squidoo.com

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Our user based research on Fit Over 40 suggests:

According to our general online user research (based on user comments and articles), Fit Over 40 is an effective solution for losing weight and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle.


Fit Over 40 does work as stated and is worth consideration for safe and effective weight loss.

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Product Details

Company Info: - The domain (FitOver40.com) was registered in 2003. FitOver40.com supplies digital, downloadable items which are sold through Clickbank.com.

ClickBank is a subsidiary of Keynetics, Inc.

Product Specifications: - Available downloads include the e-book edition plus bonuses or the Deluxe Success Kit with e-book, audio mp3's, free paperback and CD.

Price: - E-book only is $39.00 and Deluxe Success Kit is $59.00.

Return Policy: - 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Compensation Disclosure: This web site works in affiliation with online merchants. Commissions are received from sales of some or all products mentioned.

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